Prepare Your Car for a Lake Trip

3 Tips For Keeping Your Hydraulic Hoses In Good Condition

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The hydraulic hoses on your vehicle are imperative for it to operate properly. Few things can put you on the side of the road faster than a faulty hydraulic hose, so it’s important to take care of this essential part. Luckily, there are things that you can do to keep your hydraulic hoses in good condition. If you remember these three tips, you can help prevent your vehicle from malfunctioning from a hydraulic hose issue, which can be dangerous or cause the need for costly repairs: 1. Install Your Hoses Correctly First and foremost,...

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2 Reasons To Consider A Toy Hauler

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A toy hauler is a great piece of equipment for anyone that likes to travel or go camping with their recreational vehicles. A toy hauler is essentially an RV or camper that has incorporated a vehicle storage area. Two reasons to consider a toy hauler are comfort and security. Comfort One of the best reasons to consider buying a toy hauler is so that you and your friends or family can be completely comfortable when you choose to go out into the desert or mountains in order to have fun with your ATV or other off-road toy. Rather than having to...

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Three Things You Must Consider Before Buying A Truck For Your Business

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Adding your own truck to your business, whether it’s a single truck or an entire fleet, can save you money in the long run. You won’t have to rent vehicles or arrange deliveries through third-party vendors, which can increase your overhead. The trucks are also branded with your business, providing free advertising when they’re on the road. There are three things to consider before making the final decision on your truck purchase. #1: Primary Use The type of used truck depends on what you are delivering and how you will use...

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3 Inexpensive Ways To Boost Your Car’s Security

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You care about your car and the possessions you keep inside it. You’re always careful to lock your car when it’s not in use and to avoid leaving valuables in plain sight. Unfortunately, even if you take these basic precautions, car break-ins and theft still occur on a regular basis. In fact, a car is stolen every 44 seconds in the United States, and break-ins are even more common. One of the best things you can do to protect your car is to install a professional-grade car alarm; however, there are also some inexpensive yet...

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Are People Telling You To Change From Oil To Gas Heat? Why You Shouldn’t

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If you live in a home that uses oil for heat, you have probably had friends and relatives telling you to make the switch to using natural gas. While it is true that natural gas costs a bit less per gallon than heating oil does, there are definite reasons why you should consider carefully a switch before making the change. Even if your current boiler needs to be replaced, it will not be cost effective to retrofit your entire system. In addition to financial reasons, there are environmental, comfort and safety issues to consider. Replacement...

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Understand The Job Of Your Thermostat Within Your Cooling System

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For most of us get into our cars, turn the keys, and just get going. However, a lot goes on under the hood in order to get your car going. One component that is essential to keeping your car on the road is your thermostat. On your dashboard, you can see the temperature of your engine as you drive. Here is what is happening under the hood. The Job Of Your Thermostat All vehicles have a thermostat located between your engine and your radiator. Most thermostats are only about 2 inches in diameter. Even though they are really small, they have a...

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3 Signs That You Might Need A Transmission Flush

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It is critical to make sure that you maintain the transmission of your vehicle, regardless of whether it is automatic or manual. This will allow you to ensure that your vehicle is working correctly and that you are able to use your vehicle for its full lifespan. However, it can be difficult to know when you need transmission work, especially a transmission flush. Luckily, there are three key signs that you can follow. 1. Issues Shifting Gears When the transmission fluid in a vehicle becomes thick with dirt, dust, or other unwanted particles,...

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Common Questions About Transmission Leaks

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An unfortunate part of owning a car is having to deal with any malfunctions that it will develop over the time you own it. Unfortunately, the transmission is a part of the car that may develop problems, and when this happens, it can cause extensive damage to the engine. In particular, leaks are a common issue for both automatic and manual transmissions, and there should be no surprise in learning that there are a couple of questions new car owners may have about this type of repair.  What Causes Leaks To Develop? There are many different...

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5 Ways To Do Preventative Maintenance On Your Car

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Preventative car care maintenance is one of the best ways that you could save money on auto repairs. Most people do not realize this. They think that doing this is very involved and that the average person will not be able to do this. This is not completely true. While some car repairs are best left to the professionals, you could do your part in trying to detect small car issues before they become big ones: Do an Overall Spot Check It is not incidental, but give your car a once over occasionally so you catch whatever appears out of the...

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Bullet-Proof Glass: It’s Not Just for Political Leaders & Drug Lords Anymore

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There was a time when armored vehicles with bullet proof glass was beyond the reach of the average family. Pricing and availability allowed such luxuries only for the rich and powerful, who were most at risk for kidnapping or assassination attempts. With various doomsday secenarios such as a global economic meltdown or zombie apocalypse threatening to create social disorder in a well-armed populace, some average citizens are deciding to turn their cars into armored vehicles. Thanks to the internet, various options are available. Armoring your...

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