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Hitch It Up: 4 Easy Ways To Protect Your Utility Trailer From Thieves

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If you’ve been spending your hard-earned money transporting your work equipment around in a rented trailer, it might be time to consider purchasing your own utility trailer. Owning your own trailer will save you money in the long-run. Once you’ve purchased your trailer, you’ll want to protect it from would-be thieves. Here are four simple steps you can take to protect your trailer from theft. Customize It You’ve purchased your trailer. Now it looks like every other trailer on the road. That makes your trailer an easy target for would-be thieves. It will be hard to identify your trailer if it looks like all the rest. Take the time to customize your trailer. Apply a fresh coat of paint and make it stand out from all the rest. Take pictures of your trailer from all sides when you’re done with the customization. If your trailer should be stolen, you’ll be able to provide pictures to local law enforcement. Install a Tracking Device Tracking devices won’t necessarily prevent your trailer from being stolen, but they will make it easier to get back if it is stolen. Installing a GPS system on your trailer will allow law enforcement the opportunity to pinpoint its location should it be stolen. Once you install your tracking system, you’ll need to purchase a subscription for the tracking services. However, the subscription will virtually pay for itself if your trailer is stolen, especially if you’re able to get your trailer back before any damage is done to it. Invest in a Hitch Lock Once your trailer is unhitched from your vehicle, it’s fair game to anyone who wants to come up quickly and attach it to their own vehicle. You can prevent that by attaching a hitch lock to your trailer. The hitch lock securely attaches to the hitch and prevents people from attaching it to their vehicle without the proper key. Arm it with an Alarm System While you’re attaching a hitch lock, you might also want to consider arming your trailer with a motion sensor alarm. These alarms are easy to install and activate as soon as your trailer moves unexpectedly. For additional protection, you can install an alarm system that locks the brakes as soon as someone tries to steal your trailer. If you’ve decided to purchase your own utility trailer, you need to do everything you can to protect that investment. The tips provided here will help you protect your trailer from...

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Are You A First Time Auto Buyer? 3 Things You Must Know

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In the old days you when you wanted to buy a car, you would trust the sales associate that they were giving you a good deal on the automobile, and it was often easiest to go through the dealership to get financing. Times have changed, and it’s important to be smart when buying a car. You have to make sure that you are making a good investment when you make your purchase, and that you aren’t overpaying for the car or the loan. Here are a few things to consider when you go to make your next car purchase.  Know What Others Paid Not only can you get a report that shows everything about a vehicle that is used or new, but you can also get a report that shows what other people paid in your area for the same car. You can see the high and low numbers that others paid, compared to the condition and mileage on the vehicle, so you don’t get overcharged. This helps you substantially, because you will know if you are getting a good deal, or if they are trying to overcharge you. Look Up the Value The Kelly Blue Book value assessment is one of the best ways to find out exactly what the vehicle is worth. When you know what others paid for the same model and what the car is worth, you won’t take out a loan for more than what you could sell the vehicle for. if you had to if you needed to pay off the loan. You can also see what the markup is from the dealership. Shop Interest Rates If the car dealer is trying to get you to finance your car through the dealerships lender, this is because they will get a percentage of the profit off the loan. Go to your current financial institution, and look for banks or credit unions that have low interest rates on auto loans. You could get student discounts if you’re young, or other advantages if you take the time to shop around. If you are a first time car buyer and you don’t know a lot about buying a car, take the time research the car you’re considering buying to get the best price. You don’t want to go into debt on a car that isn’t worth the money, and you don’t want to pay too much for the loan or the...

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Why It’s Important To Completely Flush Your Transmission Fluid Regularly

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You might think about checking your windshield wiper fluid and your oil, but one other important fluid in your vehicle that you might not think about is your transmission fluid. As you probably already know, the transmission is an essential part of your car that can be quite expensive to repair or replace. By changing your transmission fluid as per your car manufacturer’s instructions, you can help keep this important — and expensive — system working as it is supposed to. These are a few reasons why it’s so important to change your transmission fluid. Keep It Cool If there is a leak or other problem that causes a reduction of transmission fluid in your car, your system will have trouble keeping your transmission and its essential parts nice and cool. This can be disastrous because the various components of your transmission work hard with one another and can become very hot. By keeping transmission fluid in your vehicle, you do not have to worry as much about your transmission parts becoming overheated from all of the hard work that they do. This will allow them to do their job without the extra damage. Get Rid of Residue If your transmission fluid is not clean, it will not circulate as it is supposed to and can cause clogs in your system. Your transmission fluid can become contaminated over time with metal particles and other debris. It can also start to break down over time. Failing to remove the transmission fluid — and all of the debris that is mixed up with it — can cause your transmission’s lifespan to be much shorter. However, a good mechanic can drain all of your transmission fluid and replace it with fresh, new fluid. This will get rid of the metal particles and other debris so that it can move properly throughout your transmission system. As you can see, changing your transmission fluid is important if you want to keep your transmission in good shape. However, you could be wondering just how often you should change this essential fluid. This can vary from car to car, so you will need to take a look at your vehicle’s user manual or talk to a good mechanic about the situation. Regardless, it is best to change your transmission too frequently rather than not frequently enough if you want to keep this essential part of your car in good shape. For more information, talk to a professional like Karry’s Automotive Service...

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Car Buying Mistakes To Avoid

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Purchasing a vehicle is often an intimidating experience for the average person. However, when you know what mistakes to avoid you can take much of the stress out of this task and ensure you’re getting a great deal. Overlooking New Cars Even if you are on a tight budget, don’t overlook the purchase of a new vehicle. New cars often come along with rebates and cash back offers that aren’t available for a used car. In many instances, these incentives can reach thousands of dollars in value. These offers help lower the purchase price of the vehicle and can really come in handy if you don’t have a lot of money to put down for your down-payment. Additionally, some car manufactures offer special incentives for college students, military personnel or certain professionals; however, they are often only designated for use on a new vehicle purchase. When you factor this in, the new car might actually be a more budget friendly option. Avoiding Service Agreements Some buyers look at protective vehicle service agreements as a way for a dealer or third-party company to make more money off their vehicle purchase. As their name suggests, protective agreements are designed with protection in mind. First, some of these agreements come along with covered preventive services, such as oil changes or tire rotations. Having these services covered keeps more money in your wallet and it also help preserves the vehicle’s value, which will be important once you’re ready to sell it in the future. Secondly, in the event you are met with an expensive, emergency repair, protective agreements sometimes cover a portion of the cost for you. Failing To Consider Other Financing Offers Smart buyers will typically secure financing before they head out to the dealership. There is absolutely nothing wrong with doing this, but don’t be dead set on the idea that a better offer doesn’t exist. Unless you have been approved for a zero percent interest loan, there is a chance that another offers exists. Take your existing financing offer to the dealership, but let them know you’re really only interested in purchasing if they can beat the offer. In many instances, the dealership will likely be more than willing to work out a deal so that they can close the sale and get the vehicle off their inventory list. When it comes to purchasing a vehicle, patience and planning is key. Make sure you are being a smart shopper and avoiding costly...

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How To Buy Used Car Parts Safely

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When you need to replace any car parts for your vehicle, consider saving some money by purchasing used car parts instead of brand new ones. If you are having a professional auto repair shop replace parts for you, ask if you can provide the used parts. Most of the time, they will agree. Here’s how to be sure that you can buy used car parts safely to ensure that they will work properly for your vehicle. Compare If you are able to salvage the part in your car that needs to be replaced, be sure to take it with you when you are shopping for used auto parts. By doing a comparison, it can more easily help you determine whether or not the used part is going to be the right match for your make and model of vehicle. Also, be sure that you ask your mechanic what kind of parts most definitely won’t work with your vehicle so that you can eliminate them completely when you are shopping.  Check for Returnable Parts When you are shopping for used auto parts from a used auto parts shop, be sure to ask about the return policy. If you are able to return parts, then this is the best possible scenario for saving money. This is because if the part ends up not working for your vehicle, then you can get your money back. On the other hand, if you find used parts from a junk yard, you are likely to pay even less, but you won’t be able to return them, which can sometimes be a scary situation if you are unsure about whether or not the parts will work for your vehicle.  Determine If Used Is the Best Choice In some cases, purchasing used parts is just not worth it. This is typically true with parts that wear really quickly, such as the brake rotors, alternators, and transmission. Purchasing these items used is more often than not a bad idea. This is because having these items used means they are probably coming with some wear already and you will have to replace them much sooner, which means you will be spending more money on these parts in the long run to have them replaced again.  By knowing how to purchase used car parts safely, you can be sure that you are not wasting your money and you are going to end up making the best choice for your vehicle.  For more information, talk to a professional like Four-Twenty-Two Auto...

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How To Keep Your Hubcaps From Falling Off

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Hubcaps are a necessary part of the vehicle because they help protect the inner part of the tire and they allow the aesthetic appeal of the vehicle to be maintained. Therefore, in no circumstances should you be able to remove the hubcaps with your bare hands. Any auto mechanic that applies them to your car should make sure that they are firmly positioned and will not fall off. If you notice that your hubcap is loose, you are going to need to take immediate action in order to prevent it from falling off or being stolen.  1. Check for Lubricant If there is any sort of lubricant around the steel wheel shell of the tire where the hubcap is attached, then the hubcap is going to easily come loose. This is a huge problem. If you notice that there is lubricant, take rubbing alcohol and apply it to a rag. Then, use that rag to remove all of the lubricant so that you can run your finger down the steel rim and feel some friction.  2. Look for Spring Metal Mounting Clips Check if your hubcap has spring metal mounting clips. These will look like small looped wires that ring around the hubcap. If your hubcap is loose, try choosing one of these clips as a starting point and attempt to bend every other one out by between a sixth and a quarter of an inch. Then, put your hubcap back onto your tire. Pull on it. If you can still get it off with just your hands, you are going to need to bend all of the clips down. Remove the hubcap and bend the remaining clips down the same distance that you bent the others. Remount the hubcap and see if that did the trick. 3. Use Electrical Tape If the hubcap is still not tight enough, remove the hubcap one last time. Take black electrical tape and wrap the ends of every other strut so that they are slightly bulkier than they were before. Put the hubcap on the tire and test for its holding strength. If you can still easily pull it off, continue to wrap the ends of every other strut so that they are significantly wider than before. Do this until the hubcap will stay in position. For more information, talk to a store that specializes in carrying tire sets such as dunlop elite 3 gl1800 tire set. They will be able to help you find tires that match the wheel and rim of your car, which is helpful if you have an older car that relies on...

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Tips For Buying The Best Seat Covers For Your Truck

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If you want to protect the seats in your truck, it’s a good idea to buy seat covers. Not only will seat covers protect your seats from getting dirty, but they can also protect them from fading from the sun. Plus, adding seat covers is a great way to cover up imperfections in your seats–such as tears or stains–and to give it a custom, attractive look. Not all seat covers are created equally, however. To ensure that you’re happy with your seat covers, consider these simple tips. 1. Consider Buying Custom Seat Covers You can buy universal seat covers that are supposed to work on the seats of any vehicle. However, truck seats are often bigger and are often shaped differently than the seats found in most cars, which means that the fit might be sloppy if the seat covers are big enough for your seats at all. Although they will cost more, it is best to shop for custom seat covers that are designed just for your make and model. If you are on a tight budget and want to spend a little less on your seat covers, you should at least shop at a store that specializes in selling truck parts. Then, you can ensure that your non-custom seat covers are at least designed for truck owners like you. 2. Find Something Durable There’s a chance that you use your truck for things that a lot of people don’t use their cars for. For example, you might like to take your truck off-road, which means that you might get dirty, or you might use it for work or when you are out hunting, fishing or enjoying other outdoor activities. This means that you will need seat covers that are designed for heavy-duty use. Many people choose seat covers that are made out of leather or vinyl. This is a good choice for trucks, because you can easily wipe them down if they get dirty. If you want something a little softer, however, you shouldn’t buy the first seat covers that you come across. Instead, compare seat covers and choose a seat cover that can be tossed in the washing machine and then the dryer if it gets dirty. Spot-clean-only seat covers often aren’t a good idea for people who drive trucks and use them heavily, since they can stain easily and can be difficult to clean. Buying seat covers for your truck can be a smart decision. When doing so, follow these two tips so that you can purchase the right...

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How To Prevent Getting Stuck In The Car Without A Working Cell Phone Battery

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You might use your phone for a lot of things while you’re out and about — along with using it for the obvious texting and making phone calls, you might also use it as your navigation system or as a way of entertaining your kids while you’re on the road. The last thing that you probably want to end up with is a dead phone battery and no way to use your phone in an emergency or when you need to make a call or get directions. Luckily, there are a few things that you can do to avoid getting stuck in the car without a working cell phone battery. Take Good Care of Your Battery First of all, you should know that if you don’t take good care of your cell phone battery, there is more of a chance of it dying when you need it the most. Don’t wait until your phone dies completely before recharging it, and don’t keep your phone fully charged all the time. Unplug it from the charger once it has charged up, and let it completely die every now and then before recharging it. Also, make sure that you store it in a cool place; don’t keep your phone on your car’s hot dash during the summer, for example, if you don’t want your battery to die quickly. Keep a Car-Friendly Charger on Hand If you don’t have one already, invest in a car-friendly charger to keep on hand in your vehicle at all times. You should be able to purchase one from your cell phone store or from any store that sells cell phone accessories. If your car has a USB plug, then this will be easy. Luckily, you can purchase an adapter or a car charger that plugs directly into your vehicle’s 12V cigarette lighter receptacle. Keep a Spare in Your Emergency Kit It is a good idea to keep a spare phone battery in your vehicle’s emergency kit in case you need it. Another option is to keep a prepaid phone with limited minutes in your emergency kit. Then, you won’t be as tempted to use it when you don’t need it, but you will have backup in the event of an emergency. Ending up in need of your phone but without a charge can be a problem. Luckily, following these tips should prevent you from being out of contact when you need to be the most. Visit Battery Contact for more...

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Personalize An Enclosed Motorcycle Trailer With Vinyl Decals

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After you purchase a used motorcycle trailer from an enclosed motorcycle trailer sales center, personalize it by adding vinyl decals with the following steps. Once finished, proudly pull the trailer behind your vehicle while alerting others of your presence. Materials industrial strength detergent water bucket long-handled scrub brush water hose lint-free cloth vinyl decals measuring tape water soluble pencil masking tape spray bottle water squeegee Clean, Dry, And Prepare The Trailer Clean the trailer with soapy water and a long-handled scrub brush. Press down firmly on the handle while moving the brush back and forth to remove stains. Rinse the trailer off with a water hose. Dry the trailer’s surface with a lint-free cloth. Purchase vinyl lettering or a picture from a business that sells advertising materials. If you have a specific idea in mind, it can be designed according to your specifications. Once you have purchased the vinyl decals, measure the length and width of each one to determine how much space on the trailer will be covered. Select an area where you would like to place the decals. Use a measuring tape to assist with lining up the decals. Mark the sections where they will be applied with a water soluble pencil. Attach The Vinyl Decals Line up the decals over the marked areas on the trailer’s exterior. Secure them by placing a strip of masking tape across the top of each one. Fill a spray bottle with water. Add a few drops of detergent to the water. Mix the contents in the bottle by shaking it for a few seconds. Lift up the first decal and spray the surface underneath it with the soapy water. Remove the paper backing from the decal, beginning at the bottom of it. Press the decal firmly against the trailer. Remove the tape that was holding the decal in place, peel off the backing from the top of the decal and press the decal against the trailer. Use a squeegee to smooth out the decal. Begin in the bottom of the decal and work your way upwards. Press down firmly on the squeegee’s handle as you move it across the decal in straight lines. Continue the same steps when securing the remaining decals.  Care For The Decals The decals will remain intact for several years as long as you take care of them. Clean the trailer’s surface with soapy water and a soft-bristled scrub brush or sponge when it is dirty. Rinse it well with a water hose. Dry the surface right away with a lint-free cloth. As long as you do not use a scrub brush with stiff bristles or an abrasive cleaning agent, the decals will not become damaged. If you would like to remove the decals in the future, moisten them with a wet sponge and carefully peel them off. After the decals are removed, clean and dry the trailer’s surface with soapy water, a scrub brush, and a lint-free...

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Three Unusual Ways To Combat Vehicle Rust

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Rust prevention for your automobile is not just about maintaining appearances. Car rust can become so severe that it begins to attack mechanical parts and detract from an automobile’s functioning. A severely rusted transmission, for example, will leave a car out of service and be very expensive to replace.   Putting effort into preventing rust from spreading on your car can drastically extend your vehicle’s lifespan and save you money on maintenance costs. The following are three things you can do to both prevent vehicle rust and fight it if it’s already present: Patch up paint nicks with nail polish Over time, your vehicle is inevitably going to experience nicks in its paint job from dirt and tiny rocks that are blown up against its body. Your car’s paint job isn’t just decorative. It also functions as a protective layer that helps to prevent your car’s body from developing rust.  To prevent nicks in your paint job from allowing rust to take root and spread across your car’s exterior, you can patch them up with nail polish or touch-up paint. For this to be effective, however, you’ll want to cover up the nick as soon as possible.  Before you cover up the nick, you’ll want to carefully clean and dry the affected area to remove any debris. Then, apply a small spot of nail polish that matches your car’s color using a small brush or a matchstick.  Give rust spots an acid treatment If rust spots have already developed on your vehicle, you can try removing them with an acidic liquid. Rust reacts with acids and can be worked off of affected metals when an acidic liquid is applied.  Try soda or lemon juice if you’re looking for an appropriate liquid. You can simply try soaking a rag in soda or lemon juice and scrubbing the rusted area until you notice a difference. It might take a lot of work to remove all of the rust, but it’s worthwhile to stop the spread of corrosion. After you’ve finished, make sure that you carefully dry off your car’s exterior. Moisture is an important factor in allowing for rust growth, so leave the surface of your car as dry as possible after this treatment.  Try oil undercoating If you live in an area where deicing salt is frequently applied to roadways during the cold winter months, oil undercoating is an especially good idea. You can take your car into a car repair garage for an oil undercoating treatment that will prevent road salt from sticking to your car’s underbody and encouraging rust development. Oil undercoating is especially good for protecting mechanical components of your car that are located underneath your car’s...

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