Prepare Your Car for a Lake Trip

Common Questions About Transmission Leaks

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An unfortunate part of owning a car is having to deal with any malfunctions that it will develop over the time you own it. Unfortunately, the transmission is a part of the car that may develop problems, and when this happens, it can cause extensive damage to the engine. In particular, leaks are a common issue for both automatic and manual transmissions, and there should be no surprise in learning that there are a couple of questions new car owners may have about this type of repair.  What Causes Leaks To Develop? There are many different...

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5 Ways To Do Preventative Maintenance On Your Car

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Preventative car care maintenance is one of the best ways that you could save money on auto repairs. Most people do not realize this. They think that doing this is very involved and that the average person will not be able to do this. This is not completely true. While some car repairs are best left to the professionals, you could do your part in trying to detect small car issues before they become big ones: Do an Overall Spot Check It is not incidental, but give your car a once over occasionally so you catch whatever appears out of the...

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Bullet-Proof Glass: It’s Not Just for Political Leaders & Drug Lords Anymore

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There was a time when armored vehicles with bullet proof glass was beyond the reach of the average family. Pricing and availability allowed such luxuries only for the rich and powerful, who were most at risk for kidnapping or assassination attempts. With various doomsday secenarios such as a global economic meltdown or zombie apocalypse threatening to create social disorder in a well-armed populace, some average citizens are deciding to turn their cars into armored vehicles. Thanks to the internet, various options are available. Armoring your...

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Service-Oriented Motorcycle Clubs In The United States

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When the average American sees a group of leather-clad motorcyclists, thoughts of charity, children, and law enforcement probably do not arise. Even though motorcycle clubs are often associated with unsavory and criminal activities, a large number of these groups are actually organized for positive purposes. Here are four examples of nationwide motorcycle groups organized for the sole purpose of service and good will.  Templar Knights Motorcycle Club The Templar Knights Motorcycle Club was originally formed as an extension of the Knights...

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5 Little Known Facts About Collision Repair

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If you have been involved in a car accident, you likely need collision repair to be done to your vehicle. Here are some little known facts about collision repair that will help you ensure you are getting the repairs done while saving money, and more: You Have a Right to Choose the Repair Shop: If you are working with an insurance company to get the repairs that you need done, many assume that you need to use the repair shop that the insurance company approves of. However, you have the right to choose the repair shop that you want to use....

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How Do I Know This Is A Good Auto Repair Shop?

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Many people have a favorite auto repair shop, but what if you’re new to the area or don’t have any kind of existing relationship with a shop? How do you know whether a given auto repair shop will give you good service at a fair price? The short answer is, you don’t know, but there are many things you can do to improve your odds. Check the Shop’s Reputation The key here is what statisticians call “sample size.” One friend or acquaintance’s recommendation carries relatively little weight; two...

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Is It Harmful To Leave A Small Crack In The Windshield?

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Small rocks can easily become stuck in the tread of tires and be thrown against your windshield from a vehicle driving in front of you. Even a tiny pebble can cause a pitted groove or small crack in your windshield. While you may be avoiding having that tiny ding repaired because of time or financial limitations, you shouldn’t put off fixing your windshield any longer for a few reasons. Cold Weather Even though there is only a tiny dent or ding in your windshield right now, cold weather can cause even the smallest ding to expand into a...

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Thinking Of An Off-Road Adventure? 4X4 Must Haves For New Truck Owners

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From hauling furniture and other larger purchases to towing a boat or four-wheeler, it is easy to see the benefits of purchasing a truck. Unfortunately, many new truck models do not offer the equipment necessary for driving through all types of terrain. However, if you are interested in going off-road, installing these 4×4 must-haves ensures a fun, successful, and safe adventure. Lift Kit Most new trucks offer a standard lift that is not suitable for the street and rough terrain. Fortunately, adding a new lift kit will protect the...

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